Hello I was wondering if winsock will be added? I see there is the DLL in folder.

I’m not really sure I understand exactly what you need to do

Send winsock packets to a IP

As far as I can read, winsock is not an actual protocol, it’s just something that lets windows use underlying TCP connections.

Please describe in detail what you need or provide a link to a similar implementation so I can have a reference.

Do you have a Telegram or Discord so I can provide the exact details, but here is synopsis:

If winsock does work as same as TCP, shouldn’t I just be able to use the TCP block?
I can see the IP I am sending the Packets to is on port 443, the TCP block does respond with

allow-access-from domain=‘*’ to-ports=‘443’

However when I send the packets it stalls and does not do anything, the packets do contain “/” and "" maybe this is confusing it as “\r\n” is used for letting it know its finished.

(This is on OB1)

On OB2, it does it all but on the server side it is not doing anything?

It will be amazing if you can figure this out!