What is the difference between the SystemNet and RurilibHTTP?

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I just wanted to know the difference between both libraries because I made a config with the same request parameters but when I use the rurilib library it generates the following. I will attach images

using RurilibHTTP

using SystemNet

I hope you help me with my doubt about it… I’m a newbie in this section

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RuriLib.Http was made by me (some code is from xNet) specifically for OB2, and it supports some things that System.Net doesn’t allow, such as ordering headers, overriding some default headers and other things (you can be sure that, when using RuriLib.Http, what you see on the request log is EXACTLY what is sent over the line a.k.a. what you would see in Fiddler, no more no less).

System.Net was made by the people at Microsoft and it’s been field tested by many devs for many years so it’s certainly more reliable. It has trouble with a few badly configured sites and sites that enforce some weird policies to prevent botting.

I suggest to try both and then using the one which works best for the specific site, since I found pros and cons in both of them. I only recently added System.Net because they only added support for SOCKS proxies recently with .NET 6


how can u switch between libraries ? @EdwardN
from OB2 core ?

I understand, thanks for the information ruri. I’m already seeing how to use both in matters that require it. With this information I am informed to look for new options when configuring.

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it is available in version 0.2 of ob2.

at the bottom of the request block

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thank you so much ,I didn’t see it

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