What is the best way to save invalids?

I can only think about doing KEYCHECK and declare them as CUSTOM? Is there any other way?

Try to use if statements

Invalids are not even checked with the config script, they are blacklisted by the data rules of the config (or by the regex in Environment.ini) so you have no way of saving them, other than allowing any kind of data in Environment.ini and data rules, and using a keycheck inside the config like you said.

Oops. My mistake. I meant FAILS not INVALIDS. Would it be possible for you to change the CSS Selector for INVALIDS? So that we can change its properties.

Same thing, fails are not saved. The only statuses that lead to a hit being saved are NONE (ToCheck), SUCCESS (Hit) and any custom status you might have created. Maybe create a new custom status in the Environment.ini file and set that new status instead of fail in your keycheck?

I didn’t know I was able to create a new status. Thanks for the tip!