What is difference of 'TaskBased' and 'ThreadBased' Parallelizer Type?

What is difference of ‘TaskBased’ and ‘ThreadBased’ Parallelizer Type?

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please explain this two options and their differences :
‘Allow system-wide file access’ (OB Settings)
‘Restrict blocks I/O capabilities to the Current Working Directory only’ (RuriLib Settings)

When ‘Wordlist Type’ is ‘Default’ what takes 1xx ms?
it’s just full line, equal to data.Line.Data without any splitting-
but OB2 still tries to Split it

Use task based, the other one is for debugging.

This is for importing wordlists via filesystem. If you enable it you can also explore folders outside of OB2’s root directory.

This is to disallow blocks to interact with files outside of the OB2 root directory. If the config has C# code, it can access whatever it wants though, so this is useful only for block-only configs.

Mate… we’re talking about milliseconds… come on

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