What do you mean in the circle

What do you mean in the circle

Retried = retried same data with same proxy
Banned = retried same data with another proxy
To check = bot ended with status NONE (no keychains triggered)
Errors = same as banned, but only if there was an exception in the code (e.g. http request failed)


hello,,Excuse me,

After judging the content of the red box in the picture successfully, how to jump to the first step and start from the beginning

You should make it as a RETRY key, so that the same data will be retried with the same proxy once again from the start. This will work automatically once you have a job. Otherwise if you want to do it manually (which I don’t suggest) you need to use a JUMP statement and remove that keychain from the keycheck block and convert it into an IF statement. I suggest you use RETRY