Websocket not connectin giving error


i tested the same thing…this site webscoket it connecectinng very well . itested 2-3 tiimes…

below is the result :

403 means forbidden so maybe it’s blocking your IP or something. I just tried again and my websocket guide works perfectly for me, so it must be a problem on your end.

yeah this is working no doubth , but the website i am try to do is giving that 403 error…what can be the issue i check the there websocked in online websocket test it working , but in OB no result it giving…do i need to do GET block first to work ?

I don’t think I can help much without actually trying it.

Mostly yes . First try to make the get block .Maybe the responding some sensitive information to do further

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should i messsage you privately which site i am trying to pentest ?

As long as you have permission to do so, go ahead