[WebGUI] Edit HTML

Is there a way to edit the html code of the webgui of a precompiled build?
I’ve found the css files, but some styles are inline, so I guess I’d have to edit the html.

No it’s not possible to edit the HTML without recompiling. What are you trying to do? If you’re trying to make themes, it’s easy to just put !important at the end of a css directive in order to override any inline style there might be.

Well, I’m adjusting the webgui for my small laptop screen.
Basically I just started removing most of the padding.
There is SO MUCH padding EVERYWHERE! Total waste of screen estate, if you ask me…
Anyway, I’m not a coder, so I just used Firefox to “inspect element” and adjust the style values to something more reasonable and then, to make the changes permanent, I changed the corresponding css files.
Obviously this approach does not work with inline styles… Hence the question.

BTW: some aspects of the webgui are downright unusable on smaller screens. For some of the pop-ups I literally had to delete a few nodes to get to the buttons hidden at the bottom.

I’m not a designer, sorry :sweat_smile: trust me, I tried my best
If you have improvements to propose feel free to discuss them with me by opening an issue on github and then (if I accept) you can open a pull request to add them to the official version, thanks!

I think, we all know that! :wink:

Well, I’m not a designer either,
but I know how to use Firefox and a text editor and I know what looks “right” on my screen ^^

I could probably whip up a more comprehensive critique with a few more things I’d change about the GUI - if you’re interested.
Are you sure you want that discussion on github?
And not here, in the discussion section, so the community can weigh in?

The best place is github so it can be referenced via commits/prs and the entire development can be followed easily.

OK, got it.
Gonna open a discussion on github later.