Unable to log in due to IP restriction

Hi there fellow openbullet enthusiasts,

I’m having a bit of trouble with logging into a new session to the forum. I originally made the account on my second PC I use as a server, this always uses a VPN. Now when attempting to log in to the forum from my main PC I am getting the error like below:

I realise this is due to security reasons but to my knowledge this restriction was not mentioned on the signup page. Never mind scratch that, it IS NOT mentioned on the sign up page nor does it stat that it will limit access from one IP address in the privacy policy.
I had a look at the account settings as well and there’s no where to disable that.

Any further help would be appreciated.

In fact there is no such limitation, this is pretty weird. I will look into it

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I was now able to log in from my main PC as previously not possible.
If you did something, thank you.

Yeah @meinname unbanned all banned IPs or something

The system automatically banned several IPs over time because of spamming but never unbanned them.
So likely you IP was amongst these because someone else having it before you tried to spam on the forum.

I unbanned all IPs in the list which were blocked more than a month ago.