Transfer Old Configs to OpenBullet2

Is it possible to transfer and old config from open bullet 1 to 2? I have a good config I wanted to transfer to openbullet2 but it does not seem to work. I have it in a .anom file and I tried to switch the .anom into a .loli file but it did not work in the new version. any ideas?

I am working on an update to support old config formats as well. Expect it to go live in 1-2 months. In the meantime the only thing you can do is keep using the old one or translate the config to the new format manually.

it will support lolli , anom , svb , lollix ?

It will only support the official format of OB1 which was .loli but I’m pretty sure you can simply rename the files of some of the other formats in order to import them into OB2.

Thanks, Allot. I will be waiting for the Update.