There is a config still running

I had 4 identical configs running and it can be said that all of them have finished their task but one has been taking several hours to finish. I would appreciate any information that would help me improve the config so that they all finish their job when they have to.
All the best.

There seems to be some test that not having a key for them and keeps ending up in BANs.
You have to go into the config settings and change this parameter :

… It will probably be 0 and you will have to set it to a very low value like 5. This way the combo that keeps banning without returning a response will end up in tocheck and you can add the missing key .

That’s right, the value I have on that site is 0.

This setting is correct but should only be set when all keys are found

I have found all the keys in this config and it works fine, but can you tell me whether to put the value back to 100 or 5?

If you set this value to 5, you will find that some combos will end up in tocheck and you will have to add new keys. This way the config will not loop on BAN and will stop properly.

Ok, I’ll try with the value of 5, thanks.

With the value of 5 the combos go to ToCheck with STATUS ERROR.

No, they end up in tocheck with a final state of “NONE” because there is no key that defines a condition and a state.

the same error here. it is bugs, I guess