The third-party or local verification codes are supported???

The third-party or local verification codes are supported??

I have another native CAPtcha API ,Can be used?

Thank you for your

I don’t understand what you mean

If it has an API similar to 2captcha, you can use the CustomTwoCaptcha option


I don’t speak Chinese…

That is, I have a local verification code recognition library. I don’t know if it supports it.

Hmm but I still don’t understand, does he mean a captcha solver? Like CapMonster or XEvil? In that case, they both support the 2captcha API

I have a captcha local identification software how can I connect

Your local software is listening on a certain port, find that port in the settings, then use the CustomTwoCaptcha option in “RL settings” and put as host “” and as port the one you found before. Otherwise if the software can edit your windows “hosts file” you can use TwoCaptcha directly and it will automatically redirect everything to itself.