TCP block reading IMAP email, only limited response

Hello all, not sure if it’s a bug or I’ve been missing something.
But the issue is I’m playing around with TCP block to send IMAP message “a FETCH 7 BODY[1]”
to get an email read. Everythings working just fine, I can see inboxes, even emails however only partially.
Why is that? Why can’t I see full response?
I have to mention I have tried other FETCH type

a FETCH 7 BODY[2], 

references :

Hey, any reason why you’re not using the dedicated imap blocks?

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Not, really just used to OB1 functionality now it’s a bit unfamiliar to get along with something new :sweat_smile: Although same happens in OB1, just it allows me to view a bit more of html body :frowning:

Besides just tried IMAP blocks and it worked perfectly.
Can’t believe was so clumsy haven’t checked this functionality before :man_facepalming:

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