Stop the job after success hit

Hello everyone, I remember in openbullet settings there’s an option to stop the job after get any hit. Now in OP2 I use infinity job type and I want to make it stop after one hit.

My use case I have made config in OP to make a task I would like to make this task on click for one time no need to create settings each time I intend to start it.

Thanks in advance

You need to use the job monitor, it’s currently only available in the web client because I didn’t get around to implementing it in the native client yet.

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Hey Ruri, Thanks for your reply.

OK, I moved to web version… Do these settings correct?


Sadly, it’s not working, maybe because I’ve used infinity type?

I see 3 things wrong with this

  1. The trigger should be Hits greater or equal to 1
  2. No need to stop AND abort, just abort (in actions)
  3. The most important one, the triggered action is active, yes, but it’s not set as repeatable and the executions counter is already at 1, this means that the monitor will consider this action as already executed and will not execute it again. You need to manually click the RESET button that you see so it will bring back the counter to 0. Do this every single time you restart the job after it’s been aborted by the action to reset its state.