Statuses for which the bot will continue / stop

Hello Guys,
Please i want to know whats the difference between the two fields?

I need to drop the success,fail, retry to the left field or how ?

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its depends by what do u want, this setting are for config with plus then one keycheck,i think, left (the bot continue running if keyfound is “none”)
right( the bot stop if keyfound is “success,fail,retry,ban,error,custom”)

I think he mean continue / stop
the same

i think he not mean (left field: continue) (right field: stop)

Left: continue
Right: stop

Only works for the keycheck block though, if you set the bot status manually in the code then you have to add a return; where necessary to make it stop

If i put in the left: only (none)
it mean he will still contiuning if he find success,fail,error …etc ?

What mean none ! and when must be be placed

if u put left only none when he got success stop he stop the bot automaticaly ( if u want to parse after login for example he stop when first keycheck give u success,fail,error ecc)

i cant understand you !
the admin told me that the left is continue
but i need the program still working with NO STOP, if he got success or fail or anything he complete working! what i need to do ?

U have a config with two keycheck ok?
first responde success
and second response fail
if u set left(success) and right(fail) the bot always quit when a keycheck give fail key (if first and second keycheck give success key, the config finish when 0 block remaining).

Bro can you send me a private message i need to tell you something