Some questions as new user!

Hello guys, i’m new to openbullet and have some questions.
#1: How much bandwidth does openbullet typically use on lets say, a 1mil combo over night?
#2: When I first started using, I was getting around 1k CPM, but over a few days i can’t seem to get even a consistent 500 & it’s just getting worse to the point where it’s not even worth running over night. I have bought new proxies, and that doesn’t make a difference. It’s still unstable for me. When I first start it, im getting 1000cpm but that drastically decreases over minutes.

#3: I thought since the program was being unstable for me i’d try OpenBullet 2. However my config doesn’t seem to work there, maybe i’d have to do some conversion for the file. Any ideas on that?

Appreciate any help that can be given, sorry if they’re overrun questions but couldn’t find info that I was looking for.

  1. depends on your requests there is not an average number for that

  2. if you use the same proxies over and over again i guess they just get blocked from the site or you have not properly set up your keycheck

  3. i dont understand this if you just copied the loliscript then it wont work you need to redo your ob1 config in ob2 from scratch

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Appreciate the help.
I bought a config off of someone and I actually didn’t create.

If you have an ob2 config i guess someone did something wrong if you want just post your script here(delete or change sensitive info to placeholders )

keep the rules in mind
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