Solve H Captcha error

When i use H Captcha i get this error


Can anyone help how to use it ?

ah i had to use the name as a variable

Thanks for not documenting it.

Well of course if inside a block the output variable is called ABC then you need to use the same name when you want to pass that variable to other blocks… duh :slight_smile: You are not forced to use a specific name but you do have to use the same name when defining the variable and when using it later.

i know about that, but what i mean is, when u select the block SolveHCaptcha from the stack
it gives you the variable solveHCaptchaOutput by default
but that variable or any other variable i assign gave me the error shown in the image above until i changed the variable to hCaptchaResponse or hCaptchaPassiveResponse

i tested SolveHCaptcha without passing the variable to other blocks to see if i would get a respone.

The problem is not in the HCaptcha block but in the block that is trying to use a variable called hCaptchaPassiveResponse when it doesn’t exist. The code is compiled, so any variable that is used without being declared will lead to a compilation error. On the other hand OB1 was interpreted so the error wouldn’t come up until it reached the specific block (and even then, it would just simply not replace the variable).

OB2 is different from OB1 because the code is compiled for more speed and customization via C# snippets, so it needs to respect all C# rules, you can see the actual code that gets executed by going to the C# tab of the config.

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