Simple Question Need Answer Plz?

I’ve Created Simple Config Requesting A Link of Some Site to Raise Traffic for it
& Im Using Proxies ( Socks4 ) Because Http & Https & Socks5 Ones Not Working
After I Tried To Use Them And I Need To Make Them Working To Make Higher Traffic Since Socks4 Proxies Are Few & The Others Could Give Difference To Me Any Idea How To Make Those Proxies Working Through Config Or Any Other Idea I Appericate it .

Shouldn’t matter what type of proxy your using - socks4/5/http they all do the same thing. I think your issue is you are using free proxies lists from the Internet, 99.9% of those don’t work. You can look buying some premium proxies, or if you prefer free then you need to get as many as you can and test them using the proxy test job and delete all non working.

i think the site need some headers option in config to make them working , not about proxies btw thanks for the answer waiting for others ideas i appericate it