Set cookies in puppeteer

please I want to set 12 cookies to puppeteer
I tried to do that with PuppeteerSetCookies Block but i don’t know the format and how exactly will do that
can anyone help me?


It takes a dictionary, exactly like the Http Request block.

always getting this error: Exception caught and saved to data.ERROR: PuppeteerSharp.MessageException: Protocol error (Network.setCookies): Invalid cookie fields

can you give me an exemple please with loliscript
this is the cookies: session-key-www=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX; search_options={“prev_search_term”: “null”,“item_language”:null,“language_carousel”:null}


please help me @Ruri

In the text area paste EXACTLY this

session-key-www: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
search_options: {"prev_search_term": "null","item_language":null,"language_carousel":null}