Set bots more than 200

HI @Ruri
how can i set bots count more than 200 on OB2?
i know you don’t like it and you like to limit bots count to cpu cores/threads
but teach how i can do that, what is the lines that i should change in the source code
and do i need any other thing except “.NET 5 SDK” and “Git” ?

Sorry but I prefer not to disclose information about this. Usually more bots doesn’t mean more speed, unless you have an absolute beast of a system.

I believe people will abuse the power to set an arbitrary amount of bots and take down entire servers. 200 bots is more than enough for anything you might want to do. If you want more, then either wait until the day I change my mind, or start looking into the codebase yourself, or pay someone to do it :slight_smile: