Session Cookies Problem

I have a problem with cookies. There is no way to enter to details page because it needs session cookies. If i try to parse them i receive same fail result instead If i set session cookies parsed from web during debugger i get success. There is a solution for this or i have to use Puppeteer?

Chances are its erroring out when its not finding the session cookie.

Enable debug logging or try with a bad cred to see if that is the case. If it is then throw a if then statement in there for the cookie

Parsing of session cookie is ok, i find this value always.
with this, it works:
cookie: session=0f4fc2843e07356df8203c58afb09ae8ef260339%7E623b6fa1eebe96-97776319
// (cookies from web debugging)
with this, doesn’t work:
cookie: session=<session>
// (parsed cookies from http request)