Send differents captures to a webhook

Hi, my question is simple.

How to send an account who has a capture to a specific webhook ?

I mean for exemple, in the same config an account who has 15 points is redirected to a specific webhook, below 15 points it goes to another etc.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

What is a webhook if I may ask?

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A webhook is an HTTP-based callback function that allows lightweight, event-driven communication between 2 application programming

It means that accounts you hit, for exemple, on Openbullet, you can send them to your discord server or telegram server.

OB2 supports this natively. In the job options you can add a new hit output and put a discord webhook or telegram bot.

Hi Ruri thanks im gonna check it

I saw your previous question and for that you can use the IF STATEMENT

IF STRINGKEY $"<POINTS1>" EqualTo "5 points"
IF STRINGKEY $"<POINTS1>" EqualTo "10 points"

I think it’s an easy one to do.

Thanks i was really thinking about that but didnt search too much thanks alot !

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