Self-compiled RuriLib.dll not compatible with pre-compiled build (OB2 Native)

I added a function in BotData model in RuriLib and it works just fine when I build and run ob2 myself. However when I replace the RuriLib.dll in my existing pre-compiled OB2 Native (latest one from github release) I launch and nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce:
I thought it was maybe because of my modification so here I test with fresh OB2 instances:

  1. I cloned repo and did “dotnet publish --configuration Release” (with no modifications to RuriLib)
  2. Downloaded fresh ob2 native zip from releases in github and extracted to folder
  3. Copied RuriLib.dll from OpenBullet 2 Native (the one that i built)
  4. Replaced RuriLib.dll in pre-compiled folder
  5. Opened OpenBullet2.Native.exe

and the same issue occurs, nothing opens. Please let me know how I can fix this because I plan to send the RuriLib.dll to my team and just want them to replace it in their already existing build, thanks!

Fixed. Had to copy self-compiled CaptchaSharp.dll over. Idk if this will fuck anything up in future, please let me know.

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Glad you were able to fix, thanks for sharing ^^