Selenium eror

selenium eror
I use chrome/firefox. OB2 can’t open browers selenium.

OB2 uses puppeteer not selenium

I got Error.:(. Browser mode can;t open

You have to configure the path to chrome.exe in settings

still error bro

Could you show your lolicode and what error you’re getting in the log?

I got this error @Ruri

I can clearly see the browser opening, what’s the issue here? I don’t understand. Do you maybe want to leave it open after the debugger ends its job?

The same selenium in OB1

Please open an issue and I will fix it in the next update

I cant creat an accoung on gibhub .

Okay for this time I’ll open it for you

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Thank you so much. Can you make a video for use puppeteer

Guides will come, OB2 isn’t even out for 48h lol give it some time

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Thank you Ruri. THanks for help.