Selenium Config Running Fine in Stacker BUT

I created a selenium config running fine in Stacker but when i run in Job after “Navigate to” block its not type in fields instead its keep reloading “Navigate to” block
I am not using proxies so its not issue from proxies

Below my config looks like:

Can you show the loli code if possible ?
Also can you show us the settings of the Job you have a problem with.

If you dont use proxy i dont understand where the problem might be coming from.

Also did you check all the Ob settings ?

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I think its better to talk about this in Inbox and i think there is not any inbox kindly tell me how i can message you or you send me or if outside of this forum here i can’t show code due to TOS

Just hide everything that is linked to the website domain.
This forum is for fixing issue in public so if somebody else get the same problem he can fix it easily.

Use image editor after you take the screenshot and just draw over it with black color.