Selenium Click Block

Hey So I am actually making a selinium config, everything is working good good but there is one problem that i need to solve,

So i have a input field where i trued to get the xpath, selector and put action as Click

But its not working somehow do guys have any suggestion how can i click on that input field and send keys on it. I will out the code down below so you can see what exactly I am tying to click and send keys on Thanks

<div class="form__group form__group--collapse"><div class="form__control-container "><input type="text" class="form__control" name="name" placeholder="Name" maxlength="50" value=""><label class="form__label">Name</label></div></div>

maybe it is inside an iframe? check that
and some times i get the same problem when it clicks when i try the config but not while running a job