Seleinum "click" Help

Hi using selenium. There I have one doubt , I need to click the button Next. But the next button change the position place every time.

I have Next, Cancel,Back buttons on page. I need to select Next it changes position everytime like
Back,Next,Cancel like this .

Shall I know how to make click next button ??

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click it by ID or class

Both i tried it’s not working for this case.

Any other help

Try clicking enter on browser, if that doesnt work u can always check innerhtml of all 3 buttons to match ‘next’ and then select that element to be clicked

Able to choose the innerhmtl as identifier ?

Maybe in ob2, i dont know tbh
But if u can check the element that way m sure u can get xpath atleast

I’m getting xpath. But some times the back button or cancel will will not available on 3 and 4th page.

So only xpath method not works !

I said first check innerhtml for ‘next’ then target the xpath of that element