Save bad

Hi. how to save Failure(Bads) ?
I’m found how save Succues(Good) in Folder /hits
But I can not also save Failure without design
IF “” Contains “badtext”

UTILITY File “REZ\Namefolder\nameproect_BAD.txt” AppendLines “:”


Please add to the module Keycheck also saving Failure
Thank you. Sorry for my English

I agree, certain things like:
saving failures, saving remaining accounts (checkbox for remaining accs), sorting all data in separate folders for config and each time you run a job, I mean something like this: “UserData/Hits/config_name/04.08.2021 12:26 AM/SUCCESS.txt” etc etc. it would be hella useful and great, imo. nonetheless I trust in everything @Ruri is doing, so if he thinks that it’s not needed, then I’m totally fine with it, cuz this software is huge and works great, especially considering it’s just beta.

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