Ruri - donatino

I would like to donate just some penny. I just got a promotion after my boss was so impressed when I did a task for 30 minutes (fully automated) instead of 3 days (manual and must be on the computer the whole time) .

Please message me your BTC Address.

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Hey, Iā€™m glad OpenBullet was of use to you :slight_smile: here are my wallets

  • BTC: 39yMkox6pP8tnSC7rZ5EM4nUUHgPbg1fKM
  • ETH: 0xc22116Bcf6c30977bEdFcc03C5B6aAe90B0fD179
  • BCH: qq02mrtdp454g2zdu534ndpu7jgcr3tvavyzs60m3p

Thank you and best of luck!


Just sent it. Once again, thank you very much.

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