RuntimeBinderException Error

I am just getting started with OB2 so i got this problem that i just can’t solve myself. I have already checked all wordlist types and changed them to “credentials” as im using mail:pass. Changed <input.USER> to <input.USERNAME> same with the password. And followed the whole Wordlist type guide over 5 times.


(Fail message)
[Executing block Http Request] RuntimeBinderException: ‘System.Dynamic.ExpandoObject’ does not contain a definition for ‘USERNAME’


Use this :

With this in my envi.ini i only keep getting ‘invalid’ hits. I think because the regex doesn’t match the wordlist type.

There is progress. There is a problem with the config. Can you send it to me?

You probably need to change the variable type.

Using Var Mode (Blue)

Using interpolated mode (Green)

And the lolicode example

If all else fails, change verify to false and It will let you pass whatever you want as your input data

Thanks it worked but my config website needs javascript to run. Opening a new question in the puppeteer section. Thanks a lot.