Run OB2 Hidden in background

I want to run it hidden in the background is it best to hide the cross platform or to hide the exe and how do I do it exactly?

On linux, just open a terminal, open a screen session, launch OB2 then detach and close the terminal, it will run in the background.
On windows I honestly wouldn’t know but I’m sure if you google you will find something similar for powershell

on windows you can open a cmd and type: TASKKILL /IM conhost.exe /F

note: I discovered this accidentally :joy:

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That is basically killing the process that draws the graphics for the terminal window right? But how are you going to stop the session? Using the task manager to kill it?

yes, when i discovered this and tried to open another openbullet i wasted several minutes trying to find out the error, when it was just kill the process through the task manager :joy: