Currently, I am trying to automate logins on a website protected by the AkamaiGhost server. I keep getting a 403 response after a POST request. Both with correct and incorrect credentials. Anyone know how I can bypass a 403 response?


Theres the problem! Gl with it

Well yeah, that is indeed the problem. You are right. However, there must be ways to bypass it. Some people managed to do so. Assuming they are speaking the truth.

You can bypass it by generating a good ja3 fingerprint with the TLS client. I suggest using linux and mixing up the cipher suites in the http request block.


would you be interest in this project? @Ruri

Not interested, sorry

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Can You provide any example of ja3 fingerprint? Possible to do in ob2?

It’s only possible to get a decent fingerprint if you run OB2 on linux, this is going to change when I implement BouncyCastle


any suggestion how to mix it? just use random position and amount?