Reseponse encrypted!

any one have the probelem with http/2 version when i click start 2 time or i do json type im getting encrypted response !

I would need to see an example to be able to help

like when i try to access to ionos website im getting encrypted response

yes, the same problem here, but a minor fix will help it

Just remove the accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, br Header from your Custom Headers

Hey @Ruri, I think it would be good to fix this as many might be confused.

Below is the response when we add accept-encoding: gzip, deflate, be to the custom headers in the SystemNet library. This thing doesn’t happen when we add the Header in RurilibHttp.

And if we remove it, we can see it’s not encoded anymore. isn’t any way there so that we can decode the response automatically as it does in RuriLibHttp


Please open an issue on github about this and I will implement it