[REQUEST] Combo Converter Plugin

A plugin that converts Email:Pass combos to User:Pass and vice versa, and if possible automatically adds them to the wordlist, would be very useful.

I have made a tool for that out of OB2, yet you can do it with a simple Regex Replace function.

You can’t find such a plug-in within this forum, for neither this forum or OB2 are made for cracking or credential stuffing purposes.

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Also you can only make plugins that add new blocks, not what you want to do

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use this function at the top of your config

  original = @input.USER
  pattern = "@.*"
  => VAR @US

in the post instead of using “input.USER” just use “US”


Why are you using a regex replace instead of a simple constant string? xD


because he want to convert the email:pass to user:pass i don’t think you can do that with constant string