Replace Word In capture

I have been trying to capture something and it returns this:
i want the “word” to instead be “True”

How to do that?

is it always going to be word?

If so, you can create a Constant Bool called SFA, where you’d enable Is Capture and change the Value Type to VAR, and inside it, you could simply type (variable == "word") where variable is your variable containing the SFA result you currently have. It’d look something like this:

  value = "word"
  => VAR @variable

  value = @(variable == "word")
  => CAP @constantBoolOutput

Is it not possible with tools? Like replace one?

Yes it will always be word

So where do I exactly paste this?

And I don’t see any “True” in it which I want “word” to be replaced to

Use a translate block or a replace block

But how that’s my question idk what to do in it caue when I use it always shows the word instead of replacing . It acts like a prefix.
I just want it to replace the word if it appears in capture.

Assume you have a variable myString that contains hello, you want to prefix [True] if it contains hello and [False] if it doesn’t. This is the C# code to do it, you can paste it in the LoliCode section right after the variable was created via parse block.

myString = myString.Contains("hello") ? $"[True] {myString}" : $"[False] {myString}";