Replace (Function)

Where i can find the function of REPLACE
In openbullet2
I still search but i didnt found it

Have you tried using the search box in the add block dialog?

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I will try now.
i need to ask you admin.

i have downloaded the openbullet 2 and i have downloaded the required soft of microsoft.

after that i launched the updater and i see it not work.

i see in the header of openbullet2 that the update is not work. go download the patch and copy the folders in it and paste them in the openbullet2 folder.

after i downloaded the patch! the windows defender has mark as the patch is a TROJAN.
i turned off the windows defender and i tried downloaded it again and i have pasted the files in openbullet2 and i have replaced all

i clicked again the updater to launch it but the same problem
it opened and closed automatically in less than 1 seconde.
i still click to open it but the same problem.

please fix the patch (virus detect in windows)
fix the folders of openbullet + updater in github.

we need everything easy,
just downloading the files from github and launch it
without problem
and make sure that the updater is work to update is everytime without downloading the patch or other thkings

I have no way to fix this, if you don’t like seeing these errors maybe you should use docker instead

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The updater is fixed now so you can use it from 0.1.1 onwards

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i hope every issue it will be fixed.
the important thing is the updater and the software will be fine with no issue :heart::heart: