I found “remove from list” but doesn’t work with keywords, is there possible way to do this in ob2 and its can be done only with C# is it possible to add multiple keywords to remove instead of making so many lines ?

You have to use C# for this

i am having the same problem.
How can I do this in C#?

It’s very simple, put this in LoliCode

  value = ["test1", "test2", "test3", "hello", "welcome"]
  => VAR @list

list.RemoveAll(i => i.Contains("test"));

thanks it worked. one more thing Is there a way to search in the “Variables” section?
ie as in the “Log” section in 1.2.2


I added search in the log it will be shipped with 0.1.23 but I didn’t add anything for the variables section.

thnx, You’re too fast :slight_smile:

How can I change the variable name?

SET VAR @book @pencil
SET VAR @book "@pencil"
SET VAR @book <pencil>
SET VAR @book "<pencil>"

these are the ones i failed.
I’m writing here because I can’t open a topic

SET VAR book pencil

should work

not work
error CS0029.

After this operation, I need to give the variable another name.

list.RemoveAll(i => i.Contains("test"));

list.RemoveAll(i => i.Contains("test")) VAR @book1;

just like in 1.2.

You can do this

var newList = list.ToList();
newList.RemoveAll(i => i.Contains("test"));

thank you bro this worked :slight_smile: