Remote controlling multiple clients. Big idea

I want to run on a local server OB2 but I want to be able to control what pcs on my network are doing what. For example I tell PC 2 to do this config and wordlist etc and pc 3 to do this other config and wordlist all being decided from PC 1. Would it be better to go one PC at a time login and choose the job manually on a local remote administration (like Quasar) server with the instructions? Or does OB2 have the capability to assign jobs for other computers from one computer alone? another question is does OB2 use the power of the PC currently logged in to run configs or does it use the power of one single PC that is running the server?

Hello @orriche
If you have ob2 on another machine, you can connect remotely to the openbullet 2 interface very easily by entering the ip and port in your browser.

Hopefully soon OB2 will have a web API so you will be able to basically launch a script on the master PC and send requests to all of the other PCs to start/stop jobs as you please, programmatically.