Regex last degits

how to Parse last 5 digits from a number
example: 1657200470

Hello @nav1arah,
Well have fun
[5]Parsing Guide for Openbullet 2 Regex Mode

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show me the parse slice

You won’t understand anything if we answer all your questions and you stupidly copy paste
check the vid bro i explain how to understand this

it’s useless because the value changes. and you don’t have to be rude.

The values ​​change if you hardcode it but you can make it dynamic so your config adapts step by step I’m not rude I just want you to understand the best way otherwise if you prefer you can wait for someone to tell you give the solution stupidly it won’t change your usual since you always beg to move forward

who are you to decide what i want. i asked for something you can give it or don’t. don’t tell me you would not learn that way. i don’t have time to learn everything. this is not a full time job for me.

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I learn by reading and using my brain this type of subject has been covered many times on the forum why not try to do a simple search there are countless tutorials on regex 10 minutes of your time is it too difficult ? It’s not my job either and yet I manage to move forward I’m not here to crush you but to think about you my friend devotes 10 min and you will no longer need to ask questions that have already been answered

whatever dude. seems you don’t get the point. i would waste more time looking for it instead of asking someone that already knows. thanks for your time.

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If I understood what you mean but I ask you to waste your time as you say for 10 minutes and be efficient like that you will never waste your time again :slight_smile:

Please Respect Newbies memebrs that’s not polite, and this is inconsistent with OB2 Community Rules

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Ohh i’m sorry admin Rifhut :joy: :joy: What is inconsistent is to always come back to cases that have already been dealt with and speaking of politeness tell me RifHaut where do you see politeness here
politeness is deserved
and in another time I don’t think you are admin or mod :joy: :joy: so I think you know what you have to do