Recaptcha V2 bypass callback error

Im in selenium and i use executeJS for doing my thing

First :

Recaptcha V2 response = SOLUTION
What i found for callback =

  1. dataset: DOMStringMap
    1. callback: “*******RecaptchaOnResponseTokenReceived” // Property path : clients[0].$X.dataset.callback
  2. sitekey: “************************************”
  3. size: “invisible”
  4. [[Prototype]]: DOMStringMap

Second :

document.getElementById(‘g-recaptcha-response’).innerHTML=‘SOLUTION’// I inject the response
___grecaptcha_cfg.clients[0].$X.dataset.callback(“SOLUTION”) // I call the callback


Executing block Execute JS] EvaluationFailedException: Evaluation failed: ReferenceError: *******RecaptchaOnResponseTokenReceived is not defined
at puppeteer_evaluation_script:1:1766

@AlexSIIS, how did you find the callback?