Hello today I present you my new tool QuickBullet! ( still in development )

why ? because I find that the performances of openbullet are far from being optimal
I hope you don’t mind ruri, on the contrary I hope it can help you

Openbullet2 75 cpm
QuickBullet 220 cpm [ +190 % ]

Openbullet2 3700 cpm
QuickBullet 8000 cpm [ +115 % ]



Would love to see the code, or contributions to the main repo to make it faster! Are you using RuriLib or is this completely custom code?

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good job man, hopfully github link for this

How can you creat interface like that

I put the link github

can you help me how to use it after downloaded

its not realy ready :grimacing: but you can check json example bro

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Hopfully you have some idea for oB2

Please release this nice tool, my bro!

please wait it’s not ready for beta
i am slow because i want something clean and optimal :slightly_smiling_face:

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your github is down. my bro
The project is discontinued???

my bro, nice tool
Please check your release file. Can not initiate the .exe yet in win10.

is there an alredy compiled version? I dont have visual studio so yea

I think it would be better if you just give code to ruri so he can improve it in official ob, im sure he will give you credits for it

I ageee give the code to Rurri he will add it to OB2 plus it will save you time because Rurri will be updating OB2 and you will have to recode your quickbullet to keep up.

I am already aware of what needs to be implemented in OB2 to make it faster, so don’t worry sooner or later (when I have enough time) OB2 will get a huge speed boost.


Thank you , Hope it​:heart::heart::heart::heart:

Ruri, so nice to see its boosting soon

Please Boost up it. Thank you