QuickBullet beta 🥳

beta of QuickBullet open I like openbullet a lot but I’m a perfectionist and I knew it was possible to improve the performance that’s the reason of QuickBullet
be indulgent it’s a lot of work and it’s not perfect :disappointed_relieved:

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nice tool, my bro
but can not start it in win 10 when click quickbullet.exe. please check, thanks

very good project the creator is very strong

Apparently this is based on Laiteux’s work. Check out GitHub - Laiteux/Milky: A .NET Standard library for pentesting web apps against credential stuffing attacks.

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@Ruri, any plan to make ob2 much faster? thanks for your nice tool

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Are you going to work on this speed improvement recently? my bro
thanks for your wonderful tool