Ques about Puppeteer

How to make this in OB2. Thanks @Ruri

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Use selector instead of xpath
Then use the “Type” block in puppeteer section and put input.USERNAME (VAR mode) if you use Credentials wordlist type


When I used Summit Block to Login Form. I got this error. Help me out bro. Best regards,

You have to call submit on the form, not on the button.
For the button use click

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How I can choose all image and Click Open Like This in Puppeteer

File uploading is not implemented yet, please open an issue on github and I will add it

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I dont have gibhub acc, Because It’s hard to creat Now. I tried. Can you Help me open issues.
Ruri, Thank you so much for everything you did.

Thank you Sir :heart_eyes:

I Tried creat github accoiunt on mobile and successful.
I opened issue On github .