Puppeteer keycheck not work need help please

hi i read all other topic and test all but keycheck not work can any body kindly show me with screenshot from get dom and keycheck in openbullet itself nearly about 1h i try but not success :roll_eyes:
thanks for support have a good year


This is your problem


Click on those buttons until they are like this </>. That’s the mode where you can use <DOM1> etc. also the first one should be <DOM1> not DOM1

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thanks alot its working,
i dont have a github so i cant openticket but can u please in next update make openbullet temporary save temp for those time somethings happen like power goes down middle of working or accidently close openbullet to not lose work and force to start from 0 on that config :worried:

Sorry this would take too long to implement in the current state of things, I need to implement the Command pattern first.

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