Proxies faster banned with OB2/OB1

hi everyone,

i remarked that with the “exactly” same config, with the same proxies, the same wordlist (combolist) and the same number of bots, i get a lot of more retries with OB2 and after 4 ou 5 minutes the cpm decreases a lot (from 1500 to 200) with a lot of bans whereas with OB1 i observe very few banss and the cpm remains stable. I looked in the settings but I couldn’t find anything to explain it. Is it because ob2 is faster? do you see another reason?
Thanks for your help

OB1 after 5 minutes

OB2 after 5 minutes

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I don’t know why but OB2 not working perpectly as OB1

perhaps, sometimes, it depends on the config you use…But OB2 is still a young girl…We must be patient…

Change the proxy read/write timeout and connect timeout (increase them) in RL settings, and maybe also the request timeout in the http request block.

thanks Ruri. I tried but seems to change nothing…i really don’t know why the proxies are banned so quickly.