Problem with the server

today I had a very strange problem, the open bullet2 program worked perfectly but now when I try to access and put jobs it gets stuck on Authorizing …
or it crashes, I wouldn’t want to download everything because otherwise I lose all the guests

Any error in the console or js console (dev tools in the browser)? Does it only happen on guests or also on admin? Can you disable admin login and try if you can manage to log in that way? I suggest you open an issue on github by the way.

unfortunately the problem is given to me also with the administrator account, I found an alternative method to solve that, however, I have to redo every time that is remove the OpenBullet.db file within userdata put the new UserData / OpenBullet.db file from another new download
start the emulator and then remove the new openbullet.db file and put the old openbullet.db file back.
doing so it works, the problem is that I have to redo this procedure every time I start the emulator…

definitely it’s an openbullet.db bug

Please open the file using any sqlite editor and check for possible issues and unusual stuff, maybe try to remove some entries

check and let you know, maybe if I find a solution to solve it could be useful to other members, can you recommend me a sqlite editor? thank you very much

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