Problem recaptcha v3

all times this error can anyone help me to fix.i have xevil and take balance correctly.

>> Solve Recaptcha V3 (SolveRecaptchaV3) <<

[Executing block Solve Recaptcha V3] TaskSolutionException: Exception of type 'CaptchaSharp.Exceptions.TaskSolutionException' was thrown.

Turn on verbose mode in RL settings so I can see some more output in the debugger please

It has been solved without doing anything, I just closed OB and reopened it and the problem has been solved.

I havent see any tutorial on using Solve ReCaptcha V3 Block . Can you tell me what to input in Action field ?

here u have the info in the pic i post.

But i mean why do we have to input “verify” but not anything else?

Read the documentation on 2captcha’s site to understand where to take that value from

My error

Did you configure it properly in the settings? Can you correctly get the balance?

I haven’t seen a tutorial for that yet

There is no need for a tutorial, you have to buy captchas on and then go to the RL settings tab and configure the api key in there…

in OB1 version there is no need for this?Untitled

If you need to solve a captcha it works exactly the same. You sent a solve recaptcha v3 block in OB2 and then a parse block in OB1… I don’t see the connection

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Is there any chance I could see what you are using to reach this?
I tried following your previous link to your youtube channel, but I do not think that is valid anymore.

hello friend if I deleted it seems that youtube does not like this type of videos