Problem Guest Account

hi all, i have a problem with my guest account!
basically i am hosting openbullet 2 on a server and it works perfectly!

the problem is that when my friends access the guest account it does not make them create the jobs that is they create them but they disappear and makes me view them only with the admin account!

I would like this not to happen and that the wordlists and proxies are also visible since the only thing that makes them display are the config!
is there any way to fix this?
i can’t make her use the admin account because i use it!!

I await an answer, thank you very much

Guests can upload their own proxies and wordlists, they cannot see the ones that you (as admin) upload. There is no support for that yet. Same for jobs, they have to be the ones who create them, not you. Also make sure you’re on latest version.

More advanced policing for guests will be added later on, as it’s an experimental feature and only a few people use it.

thanks for the prompt reply, but the problem is that if they upload something in the guest account for example word list they disappear the same goes for proxies
and are displayed only on the admin account.
ain’t there a way to fix it?

I’m not sure if I can reproduce this issue. Are you on version 0.1.12?

yes I’m at version 0.1.12 [Beta] in fact I don’t understand why from this problem

We just tested and could not reproduce your issue, it works as intended. I’m pretty sure you’re doing something wrong, maybe provide more details, screenshots etc. or the exact whole procedure from start to finish to replicate this.

I solved it by downloading the application from the site, surely I had touched something that I shouldn’t have. thank you very much

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