Problem CPU

hi i’m having a very serious problem since last night, in practice I open the openbullet exe file and without starting the job or anything the cpu and ram go up by themselves
without having started job or anything just by opening the exe file.
i tried to download openbullet 2 again, format windows but still the same problem.
USE |CPU|91.8 %|
|USE Memory|31.81 GB|
|USE NETWORK|1582 Kbit UP / 166 Mbit DOWN|
|Number Build|7801.34874 (11/05/2021 19:22:28)|

some times in the console of openbullet 2 it wrote me a continuous proxy error
you know how to solve, I have 200 gigabytes of ram and a very powerful cpu I don’t understand this problem that has been happening since yesterday.

I’m hosting everything on a dedicated one

thank you

the error in the console and this

could not get the IP from the HttpAccessor . This might happen when OB2 is set up behind a reverse proxy

I have no idea… Are you sure you closed all other instances of OB2 and just opened it without starting + aborting any job? The proxy error is not game breaking, it will just fall back to using the local IP to display it on the UI, nothing to worry about.

yes I have also formatted windows, I don’t even have a config want inserted and it goes up by itself, if you can try to connect too to see

if you give me permission I put lip of the site to connect so you see

I discovered the error but I don’t understand, if I insert Request administrator login the CPU and RAM go up a lot, on the other hand, if not prompted Request administrator login, the cpu and ram remain low. but I don’t understand why

Thanks, please open an issue on github and I will make sure to try and fix the issue.