Possible to use no wordlist?

Is it possible to use the random string function to generate numeric combos for the current config instead of having to make a huge wordlist? Like 89?d?d?d?d and use that as it generates and checks at the same time?

You can use combinations but without a mask. Just select combinations in the data pool selector of the job. For example in your case make combinations of 4 numbers, use the wordlist type Default, then inside the config you can write 89<input.DATA> in order to use the combination :slight_smile:

Am I able to have it start with a certain number? Like in the OB 1 tools section? Where I have it start with the numbers like 8392048******* or maybe something more complicated like 839****48***** in the combination and have it change the stars while running. Also how would i put it in the config? im getting an error when using the <input.DATA> ? Thank you for the help.

No you cannot do that. Generate the list with OB1 and then import it into OB2.