[POLL]Want a Wiki and Example Scripts?

Guys, what do you think of a wiki with a documentation of all open bullet functions?
We have a guides category, but nothing really documented with strings and working examples.

I think everyone here started like me, testing, asking, testing and asking again
And surely @Ruri loves openbullet. But I guess that this are disgusting and some ways excessively tiring need answer the same questions all the time.

I already do a 2 working scripts, and would like to share my step to step
So new users like me in closer past can learn easier, wasting less time

So the question is:

Please vote on the pool, what you think about a WIKI where all can add a new information, all we together can build them. With post reviews, of course

  • Yes, would be nice a wiki with free editors
  • No wiki, but enable create topic on Guides
  • No, I don’t want a wiki and either guides free
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PS: if the administrator doesn’t like it, or I’ve violated any rule, feel free to delete my topic


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A wiki would be really cool. Note that blocks are documented inside the program itself (in the top part of the block info in stacker) and Bulletta also provides some help on the different pages.

If you want to post in the guides section, simply post in general and ping me, and I will then move the topic.